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Family Service Hours

SFDS Service Hours Philosophy

 Why do we donate so many hours of service to the Parish and School?

“It’s For the Children!” This profound statement is a philosophy that was established by the order of Sisters that founded St. Francis de Sales School, the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, RSHM. The meaning behind that philosophy is that the quality of the education and experience that a child and family receives at St. Francis de Sales School is directly related to the partnership and support between the school and parents. In this way, the magnitude of parental support, partnership, and service in the SFDS community is profound. The more a parent is present, involved, supporting, and participating in serving the school the more a child and family’s education and experience is enriched. The positive impact of our philosophy of service affects students, teachers, parents, and the entire community alike.  The efforts that teachers put forth into the classroom on behalf of the students are matched stride for stride by parents. The efforts that parents put into supporting and serving are seen in the life-long friendships they form with other families as we all collectively raise our children with a common Faith and shared moral compass. 

Service is not a job, it is a gift that is freely given. The value of our service can be clearly seen in the enthusiasm, excitement, wonder, and energy of the students. Together, our roll-up-our-sleeves approach to volunteering and service demonstrates the strength of our capacity to build our community and give to others. Together, we stand on the shoulders of others as our service continues to create growth and success at SFDS for generations of students and families to come.


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